Wildflower Report, May 22, 2010
Sites-Ladoga Road, Leesville-Ladoga Road, Bear Valley


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Sites-Lodoga Road

Buckeyes are flowering along the Sites-Lodoga Road. Just west of the top of the grade, there are small dense patches of red ribbons.

Forest clarkia, Clarkia rhomboidea

Leesville-Lodoga Road

The superb lily is a widespread plant. The Leesville-Lodoga Road is a good place to see it. Jeweled onions are common too; many have begun to fade. The valley oak regeneration along the road is remarkable.

Superb mariposa lily, Calochortus superbus


Jeweld onion, Allium serra

Bear Valley

Many of the flowers in Bear Valley have gone to seed and died. Others are now hidden by the late growth of grasses.  Seep monkey flower is the most noticeable flower in any abundance. Ithuriel’s spear is still flowering here on the wet soils. Two related lilies, white brodiaea and long rayed brodiaea, have just recently begun to flower. One of the more colorful grasses, meadow barley, has headed out in the wetlands. There will be more plants come into flower throughout the summer, particularly in the wetlands, but spring is over.

White brodiaea, Triteleia hyacinthina (left);
Long rayed brodiaea, Triteleia peduncularis (right)


Ithuriel’s spear, Triteleia laxa (left); Meadow barley, Hordeum brachyantherum (right)


Seep monkey flower, Mimulus guttatus


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