Wildflower Report: March 28, 2010
Leesville Road

Leesville Road is another good place to see redbuds in bloom; they follow both the road and Freshwater Creek. West of Venado along the same road there are impressive stands of Ithuriel’s spear on a clay hillside between the road and the fence. Royal larkspurs are scattered along the road from the flats to the Leesville summit. The long-flowering western buttercup is abundant beneath blue oaks on a north facing hillslope. Variable leaved nemophila and few flowered collinsia are also flowering in the shade. Chia is very common on the sunny, raveling slopes of the Leesville Grade. Jewel flower grows with it near the bottom of the grade. Foothill lotus is everywhere in the sun along the grade. Western wallflowers are in bloom on the upper grade. The earliest slender clarkias are here too. At the end of the Leesville Road popcorn flowers form white patches along the base of the hills to the west.

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Popcorn flower, Plagiobothyris sp.


Royal larkspur, Delphinium variegatum


Western wallflower, Erysimum capitatum


Slender clarkia, Clarkia gracilis (left);
Western buttercup, Ranunculus occidentalis (right)



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