Wildflower Report: April 5, 2010
Highway 20 through Salt Creek Canyon and

There is still time to see redbuds though some are past flowering. The canyon dudleya, which already had flower stalks a couple of weeks ago, still has not flowered. Although I think the simple rosette is more attractive than the flowering plant, I am determined to photograph it with open flowers. A second Collinsia, Chinese houses, is in flower now. It generally grows on north facing hillslopes. Gold-backed fern is the most common fern of these shady, moist habitats.

Although I was there too late in the evening for good photos, the best flower display in the county appears to be along the Lodoga-Stonyford Road.

Scroll down to view photos from Highway 20 through Salt Creek Canyon and Stonyford...

Click here to view photos from Bear Valley(4.5.10)

Canyon dudleya, Dudleya cymosa

Chinese houses, Collinsia heterophylla

Gold-backed fern, Pentagramma triangularis




Hillside with Smooth tidy tips, Layia chrysanthemoides, in foreground, goldfields, Lasthenia sp, in background


Click here to view photos from Bear Valley (4.5.10)

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