Colusa County Almond Project Update 2.15.2011

The Colusa County Almond Project is entering its final few months, with on-the-ground activities winding down by the end of January. During these last few months, we will be doing one last fall planting of native shrubs and grasses. We will also be conducting water quality monitoring as the rains set in and assessing the relationship between water quality and BMP installation. We will be conducting landowner interviews and plan to host a tour of the project sites (date to be determined). We are in the process of writing a BMP manual which will be printed and distributed to almond growers in the Colusa County area. Photo monitoring will be conducted and a final report on the outcomes of this project will be generated.

The Colusa Almond Project BMP Manual is in the final editing stages before going to print. Topics in the Manual include: Vegetated Ditches, Creek Habitat Enhancement, Grassed Orchard Swales, Hedgerows, Cover Crops, Pollinator Habitat, Grade Control Structures, Creek Crossings, Drop Structures, Road Graveling, and Wildlife Nesting.