Colusa County Almond Project Update 5.1.2011

Project End

The Colusa County Almond Project ended on March 31, 2011. During the final months of the project, the project team worked on the following activities:

  • Weed control, including mowing and herbicide application around our planting areas
  • Completion of the Colusa Almond Project BMP Manual
  • Installation of Barn Owl nest boxes for natural pest management
  • General quality control of all sites
  • Replanting where necessary
  • Landowner exit interviews
  • Completion of Project Profiles for each site, documenting progress from beginning to end of the project
  • Completion of a Site Maintenance Guide for each landowner

The project team conducted a final Site Tour on April 21, 2011. We toured five of the project sites to showcase the BMPs that were implemented at each site. A group of approximately 15 joined us on the tour and everyone was treated to an up-close view of the practices installed at each of the sites we visited.