Project Updates

Photo monitoring pictures are a way to show project effectiveness over a period of time. Below are some photo monitoring pictures of Best Management Practices (BMP's) that were installed through this project.

Low Water Crossing

Left: Sediment crossing during rain event. Crossing washed out completely depositing sediement into the stream channel degrading water quality.

Right: Low water crossing after recent construction. This low water crossing was constructed at bed level and will be a permanent crossing that will eliminate the need to construct crossings every year from sediment.


Biological Streambank Stabilization

Left: Bare streambanks are prone to erosion during rain events. The recent planting of native shrubs and grasses pictured here will help reduce erosion when fully grown.

Right: Streambank planting after a year of growth. The roots of the native plants will hold the soil together and help filter sediment and pesticide runoff from the adjacent almond orchard.