Colusa County's Oak Woodland Management Plan

Plan Creation

The Colusa County Resource Conservation District (CCRCD), along with local landowners worked over a long period of time to create an Oak Woodlands Management Plan (OWMP) for Colusa County. This OWMP is a, non-regulatory, voluntary plan that will give landowners a tool to utilize in knowing how to practice better stewardship among the Oak Woodlands on their land.

Plan Adoption!!!

On May 18th, 2008 the CCRCD attended a boad meeting of the Colusa County Board of Supervisors to answer questions that they might have about the proposed plan. There was minimal discussion to be had, and the plan was passed and adopted by the Board of Supervisors without reservation.

Click HERE to view the plan.

Photo By: Jack Alderson, NRCS Colusa Field Office