Upper Little Stony Inholders Alliance (ULSIA)

About the ULSIA:

ULSIA is a group of landowners who are dedicated to managing the forest in which they live in a sustainable manner to improve forest health and productivity. The main focus of the landowners is to encourage forest health by implementing and maintaining fuel breaks (shaded or otherwise), thinning, and utilizing management tools that effectively reduce woody debris.

Click HERE to download 2002 Prescribed Burn Presentation.

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Current weather conditions recorded by the U.S. Forest Service at:

Click HERE to see a 4 day forecast for allowable burn days. When the page opens Click on Sacramento Valley for Colusa County's forecast.

(Please note: This page will give you a 24, 48, 72 & 96 hour outlook [Allowable Burn-Day] for controlled burns occurring above 3,000 feet in elevation. This page is updated every day, and is for information only, it does not give you permission to burn. Please use it merely as an outlook for potential burn days.)